Megapolis Master Plan – Colombo City

A Megapolis is normally referred to a contiguous urban corridor covering a large urban space. It usually evolves overtime through expansion and amalgamation of individual metropolitan regions. One of the key features that facilitate the formation of a Megapolis is the strict application of planning regulations, and the orderly distribution of urban space among economic, social, recreational, business, residential, administrative and other urban activities.

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At the core of the Western Region Megapolis Plan is the City of Colombo and its suburbs. Today, the metropolis hosts the busiest and most important port in South Asia. It is widely considered to be the cleanest, most welcoming and most liveable among its major peers in the region.

The Western Region Megapolis Masterplan is a detailed blueprint for rectifying the following issues.

Issues of Colombo City

Moreover, it envisions a comprehensive transformation of the Western Region into a world-class metropolis that is diverse, inclusive, and sustainable.

Set Goals

For all the zones of Colombo Megapolis to function in synergy, they will require high-capacity connectivity and reliable provision of services, utilities and amenities.

The Masterplan includes projects that cover these requirements, taking into account the increasing demands that come with growth.


The Masterplan adopts a zone-based approach as being optimal for the development of the region and in realizing the vision, goals and objectives of the Megapolis programme.