Ruwanpura Expressway Project

The Ruwanpura Expressway, also known as the E06, is a planned expressway with a total span of 73.9km from Kahatuduwa to Pelmadulla which will connect the commercial capital COLOMBO to region of RATNAPURA.

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Development of a high mobility road network that connects all parts of the country so that a reasonable average speeds can be maintained for travel between any district is a prerequisite for the development of economic and social aspects. After the completion, Ruwanpura Expressway project is the newest and the 6th addition to the expressway network of Sri Lanka.

The expressway is to be constructed and maintained under the guidance of the Road Development Authority of Sri Lanka under the funds given by EXIM Bank of China. The project is planed to carry out under 4 sections with an estimate total cost of around 276.27 Billion Rupees.

Ruwanpura Expressway Proposed Map

Project Details

  • Starting point : Kahatuduwa ( Kahatuduwa interchange of Sourthern Expressway).
  • End point : Pelmadulla (Ratnapura District, Sabaragamuwa Province) .
  • Total Length : 73.9 km.
  • Interchanges : Kahatuduwa, Horana, Ingiriya, Kiriella, Kuruwita, Ratnapura.
  • Areas covered : Kahatuduwa, Horana, Ingiriya, Kuruwita, Ratnapura, Pelmadulla ( Expressway influence areas across 9 DS divisions and 53 Grama Niladari Divisions).

Project Benefits and Objectives

  • Reducing the travel time between covered areas hence reducing the cost of traffic, transportation and etc.
  • Reduction of traffic congestion mainly on A8 road.
  • Improved regional development.
  • Supporting strategic land use.
  • Supports tourism.
  • Create more livable communities.

Project Progress (As of 2019 January)

  • Feasibility Study Completed
  • Section 1 – Topographic Survey, Preliminary Design, Preliminary Designs for Land Acquisition, Land Acquisitions are completed.
  • And for other Sections the Topographic Survey is progress.

Ruwanpura Expressway will be connected to the expressway network of Sri Lanka in near future and will help in developing the economic and social attributes of the Country.