750 Lands to be acquired for New Rajagiri – NKB Elevated Expressway

රාජගිරිය – නව කැළණි පාලම කණු මතින් යාවෙන අධිවේගී මාර්ගය

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නව කැළණි පාලම – රාජගිරිය අධිවේගී මාර්ගයට ඉඩම් 750 අත්පත් කරගැනීම ඇරැඹෙයි.

Government will have to acquire 750 lots of land and demolish around 118 shops, houses and places of self-employment when it starts the next phase of its project to build an elevated highway from the New Kelani Bridge to Rajagiriya with a link to Baseline Road.

The areas affected are Meethotamulla, Dematagoda, Borella North, Wanathamulla, Welikada West and Kotuwegoda.

The families have been given licences by the National Housing Development Authority (NHDA) or relevant local authority to make their dwellings. Land acquisition will leave 106 structures partially affected and 634 fully affected.

The proposed elevated highway from the New Kelani Bridge to Rajagiriya has two components. The main stretch from the bridge in Orugodawatta to Rajagiriya is 6.9 km long. The link to Baseline Road at Dematagoda is 1.2km long.

The main stretch will be constructed over pillars with on-and-off ramps connecting to existing roads at selected locations. The existing Sri Nigrodharama Mawatha towards the Kolonnawa oil terminals will be rehabilitated and upgraded to form the link road to Dematagoda.