Call for Bids for the Construction of Beliatta – Hambantota Port Railway Line

බෙලිඅත්ත – හම්බන්තොට වරාය අතර නව දුම්රිය මාර්ගය ඉදිකිර්‍රිම් ඇරඹීම සදහා යෝජනා කැදවීම කැබිනට් මණ්ඩලයට යොමු කිරීම මේ සතියේ.

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A proposal will be tabled before cabinet next week to call for bids for the construction of Beliatta – Hambantota Port Railway Line.

Beliatta Railway station

The construction of the rail track from Matara to Kataragama has been divided into three stages. The first stage being from Matara – Beliatta, the second stage from Beliatta to Hambantota and the third stage from Hambantota to Kataragama.

Cabinet proposal will be put forward next week in order to obtain a soft loan for the construction of the rail track from Beliatta to Hambanthota Port.

A feasibility study has been done under Korean Government financing in 1991. The study has identified following business potential for the railway Line from Matara to Kataragama.

  1. Passenger Railway carrying 3.3 million Passenger/year.
  2. Travel Time 1 hr. & 45 minutes. At commercial speed of 63 km/h.
  3. 45% seasonal passenger Demand of 800,000 devotes
  4. 17,000 tons of freight/year (without Hambantota Port)
    The Hambantota Port commenced its full operations in 2012. The port requires rail connectivity too. The capacity of the port can be expanded to cater the increasing demands in freight.