Sri Lanka well on Target to reach 3M Tourists while 240,000 Arrivals recorded in March.

මාර්තු මස සංචාරක පැමිණීම 240,000 දක්වා ඉහලට. 2019 වසරේ සංචාරක ඉලක්කය මිලියන 3යි.

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Over 240,000 tourists arrived in Sri Lanka in March, growing 4.6 percent compared to the same period last year, statistics from the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority showed here Monday.
India, United Kingdom, China, Germany and France were Sri Lanka’s top five international tourist generating markets in the month of March this year. India was the largest source of tourist traffic to Sri Lanka with 14% of the total traffic received in March 2019.

UK accounted for 12% of the total traffic. while China, Germany and France accounted for 10%, 7% and 6% respectively.

To date, this year, the total number of tourist arrivals this year has been 740,600.
Tourism Development, Wildlife and Christian Religious Affairs Minister, John Amaratunga said the government was on target to reach its total aim of 3 million tourists by the end of this year.
Sri Lanka Tourism has emerged as one of the leading markets following the end of the country’s civil war in May 2009.
This year the government said it is expecting a revenue of at least 7 billion dollars from its tourism industry.